Volume 1762: Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Volume 1762: Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Dynamics of Structures 2016

Edited by Fernando Alonso-Marroquin

Number of Volumes: 1
ISBN: 9780735414204

Volume 1762 is the proceedings of Numerical Methods of Civil Engineering (23 May–1 June 2016, Sydney, Australia)

Title information

Summary of this volume: The student conference on Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering started in 2015 as part of a series of training programs in finite element modelling. In its second year, the proceedings covered a selection of numerical analysis projects under the topic “Dynamics of Structures.” The papers used advanced dynamic solvers to investigate the dynamic response of landmark buildings subjected to fire, wind load, earthquakes, and blasting.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Scientists and engineers interested in the dynamics of structures and advanced finite element analysis.

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Number of Volumes: 1
Pages: 112
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing