Volume 1764: ICXOM23

Volume 1764: ICXOM23

International Conference on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis

Edited by Juergen Thieme and D. Peter Siddons

Number of Volumes: 1
ISBN: 9780735414228

Volume 1764 is the proceedings of 23rd International Conference on X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM23) (14–18 September 2015, Upton, NY, USA)

Title information

Summary of this volume: The 23rd International Congress on X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis, ICXOM23, was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory on 14-18 September 2015. It brought together leading experts in the field of x-ray optics and the various forms of microscopy accessible to x-rays. It covered absorption x-ray microscopy, fluorescence x-ray micro-spectroscopy, x-ray computed micro-tomography, and coherent x-ray imaging. It also covered the design of instrumentation to perform such measurements.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Anyone interested in learning about the microscopic structure of material in situations where x-rays can provide information not available by other microscopy techniques. Graduate level and above.

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Number of Volumes: 1
Pages: 120
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing