Volume 1777: Advanced Accelerator Concepts 2014

Volume 1777: Advanced Accelerator Concepts 2014

16th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop

Edited by Mark J. Hogan

Number of Volumes: 1
ISBN: 9780735414396

Volume 1777 is the proceedings of AAC2014: The 16th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (13–18 July 2014, San Jose, CA, USA)

Title information

Summary of this volume: Advanced Accelerator Concepts 2014 brought together the research community involved in long-term accelerator and beam physics R&D to exchange ideas, promote research in the field, and provide a forum for the publication of new ideas. These meetings have been held biennially since 1982. These proceedings cover long-term research and development in accelerator physics as well as new concepts, devices, and technologies in accelerator and beam physics. Central topics included in the proceedings are direct laser acceleration of electrons, laser-induced and e-beam induced plasma wake field acceleration, novel high power RF sources, new diagnostics, and generation of high brightness electron and x-ray beams.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Physicists working on beam physics, accelerator physics, plasma physics, lasers, and advanced computation.

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Number of Volumes: 1
Pages: 564
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing