Volume 2126: SolarPACES 2018

Volume 2126: SolarPACES 2018

International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Edited by Christoph Richter

Number of Volumes: 2
ISBN: 9780735418660

Volume 2126 is the proceedings of SolarPACES 2018 (2–5 October 2018, Casablanca, Morocco)

Title information

SolarPACES conference program contained more than 430 technical contributions (oral and poster) and 17 plenary talks from leading experts in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. The conference covered new insights into developments in technology, politics, the market and financing presented by top experts in the field; a scientific conference program with leading world experts and particular emphasis on recent research results; and a forum for industry, research, politics, and financing stakeholders to discuss the future of concentrating solar energy.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Senior researchers, Ph.D.'s, postdocs, and graduate students; readers from companies (R&D departments, marketing), financing institutions, and policy makers.

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Number of Volumes: 2
Pages: 2,140
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing