Quantitative Imaging in Medicine

Quantitative Imaging in Medicine

Background and Basics

By Robert J. Nordstrom

Number of Volumes:
Publication date: October 2021
ISBN: 9780735423442
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Title information

Quantitative Imaging in Medicine: Background and Basics presents the foundations and theoretical building blocks of a topic that is rapidly emerging as one of the most important in medical research and clinical imaging. This timely book provides a thorough introduction to the standards and tools of quantitative imaging. It is the first book-length compendium to address different imaging modalities focusing on the clinical adaption of novel imaging methods.

The important book:

  • Presents the history, clinical need, and clinical validation of quantitative imaging
  • Integrates discussions of QIBA, RECIST, clinical pipelines, phantoms, site qualification, radiomics, and artificial intelligence
  • Provides ample reference lists to guide readers to an even deeper understanding of this very broad topic

Radiologists, oncologists, imaging scientists, and computer scientists will find this book invaluable. It also serves as a comprehensive resource for teaching the fundamentals to trainees in radiology, medical physics, and imaging studies.

Pages: 168
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing
DOI Number: 10.1063/9780735423473