Spectroscopy Theory in One Dimension

Spectroscopy Theory in One Dimension

By Darren L. Williams and Victoria S. Jackson

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Publication date: December 2022
ISBN: 9780735425644
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Title information

Spectroscopy Theory in One Dimension is an in-depth introduction to quantum chemistry using classical analytical calculus and symmetry group theory. The book employs the one-dimensional particle in a box and particle on a ring systems to develop the theoretical underpinnings of real-life spectroscopy and quantum mechanics. Wave functions, energy equations, transition intensities, and spectroscopic selection rules for absorption, emission, Rayleigh, and Raman spectra are derived and applied to explore why the sky is blue, why sunsets are red, and how quantum effects depend upon mass, size, temperature, and spectral resolution.

Readers will understand how to:

  • Predict three-dimensional spectroscopic behavior using one-dimensional examples
  • Assign quantum transitions in real spectroscopic data using analytical calculus and group theory
  • Connect the mysterious quantum mechanical wave function to everyday experiences of light and color

Spectroscopy Theory in One Dimension is an ideal and accessible text for students in spectroscopy and quantum mechanics courses. Novice researchers in all physical science fields as well as experienced researchers and technicians needing an in-depth theoretical approach will find it invaluable.

Pages: 160
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing
DOI Number: 10.1063/9780735425668