Volume 2074: 2nd International Conference On Applied Mathematics, ICAMÊ2018

Volume 2074: 2nd International Conference On Applied Mathematics, ICAMÊ2018

Edited by Abdelhakim Chillali, Ahmed Aberqi, Youssef Akdim, Mounir Mekkour, Soumia Lalaoui Rhali, Chihab Yazough and Abdelkarim Boua

Number of Volumes: 1
ISBN: 9780735418028

Volume 2074 is the proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Applied Mathematics (26–27 October 2019, Fez, Morocco)

Title information

Summary of this volume: 2nd International Conference On Applied Mathematics; ICAMÊ2018 is the result of fruitful cooperation between many professors in Laboratory of Engineering Systems and Applications (LISA) at ENSA, Fez and Laboratory of Engineering Sciences (LSI) at FP, Taza. The ICAMÊ2018 conference is held at University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah, National School of Applied Sciences, Fez (ENSAF), Morocco, from 26 to 27 October 2018. This conference is an opportunity for researchers to present their latest works on the following topics: Partial Differential Equations, Non linear Analysis, Control Theory, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis and Scienti?c Computing, Algebra, Number theory and Cryptography, Coding Theory, Computer vision and Automatic.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Researchers, graduate students, PhD/postdoc, etc.

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Number of Volumes: 1
Pages: 324
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing