Volume 2091: Current Trends in Renewable and Alternate Energy

Volume 2091: Current Trends in Renewable and Alternate Energy

By Plaban Bora, Biswa Ranjan Phukan and Dhiraj Bora

Number of Volumes: 1
ISBN: 9780735418219

Volume 2091 is the proceedings of International Conference on Renewable and Alternate Energy (ICRAE-2018) (4–6 December 2018, Guwahati, India)

Title information

Summary of this volume: International Conference on Renewable and Alternate Energy (ICRAE-2018) is the first ever international conference organized by Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU), Guwahati, India, during 4th-6th December, 2018. The conference aspired to disseminate and network on renewable and alternate energy research with special emphasis to the subjects with emerging research interests such as biofuel, bioenergy, fuel technologies, waste to energy conversions, climate change etc.
ICRAE-2018 provided a platform for researchers and specialists across the globe to formulate a roadmap for renewable and alternate energy technology based sustainable development. More than 100 researchers, academicians, young scientists and students from technical institutions of the country and abroad participated in the conference. Research papers on the relevant fields of energy were presented and 23 (twenty three) papers are selected for publication in this proceeding. These includes topics of bio- and solar energy conversions, energy system modeling & optimization, energy managements, integrated /hybrid energy systems, cleaner fuel technologies, environmental compliances, energy for sustainable future etc.

These proceedings will be of interest to: Ph.D Students, Post Doctoral Fellow, Research Persons, Scientists, Academicians, Postgraduate Students in relevant fields.

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Number of Volumes: 1
Pages: 208
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing