Volume 3062: Nonlinearity and Hearing: Advances in theory and experiment

Volume 3062: Nonlinearity and Hearing: Advances in theory and experiment

Nonlinearity and Hearing: Advances in theory and experiment

By Wei Dong and Bastian Epp

Number of Volumes: 405
Publication date: March 2024
ISBN: 9780735448445

Volume 3062 is the proceedings of The 14th International Mechanics of Hearing Workshop (24–29 July 2022, Helsingør, Denmark)

Title information

Summary of this volume: The 14th Mechanics of Hearing (MoH) Workshop continued the tradition of previous workshops and centers around the theme of Nonlinearity and Hearing. The proceedings consist of peer-reviewed papers that delve into various aspects of mechanics of hearing at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels using biological, mathematical, and engineering techniques. These papers showcase how different nonlinearities within the auditory system contribute to cochlear and auditory neuron sensitivity, frequency selectivity, and compression. Additionally, the proceedings show a particular focus on translating fundamental scientific knowledge into innovative ideas that can enhance the diagnosis and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing impairments. Specific topical areas include molecular biophysics and genetics of auditory transduction, nonlinear dynamics in biomicromechanics, inner-ear coupling (e.g., electrical, mechanical, hydrodynamic, and neural coupling; including waves on the tectorial membrane), otoacoustic emissions, advances/challenges in mathematical topics, measurement techniques, and diagnostics of inner- and middle ear function and rehabilitation.

These proceedings will be of interest to: biologists, mathematicians, physicists, physiologists, graduate students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral scholars. The proceedings are designed to appeal to individuals with interests in the biophysics and physiology of the auditory system, as well as those interested in computational modeling in auditory research.

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Number of Volumes: 405
Pages: 520
Language: English
Publisher: AIP Publishing