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Volume 1927: The 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia (ICePTi) 2017
Volume 1931: The 3rd International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering
Volume 1934: 8th International Conference on Low Dimensional Structures and Devices (LDSD 2016)
Volume 1930: International Conference on Engineering and Technology (IntCET 2017)
Volume 1928: Non-Neutral Plasma Physics X
12th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas
Volume 1929: The Irago Conference 2017
A 360-degree outlook on critical scientific and technological challenges for a sustainable society
Volume 1924: Physics of Sustainable Energy IV (PSE IV)
Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably
Volume 1926: 6th International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications (IECMSA-2017)
Volume 1920: 6th International Biennial Conference on Ultrafine Grained Nanostructured Materials
Volume 1922: Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM2017)
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics