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Volume 1819: Diffraction 2016
International Workshop on Diffraction in High-Energy Physics
Volume 1818: Engineering International Conference (EIC) 2016
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Education, Concept, and Application of Green Technology
Volume 1817: Biomedical Engineering’s Recent Progress in Biomaterials, Drugs Development, and Medical Devices
Proceedings of the First International Symposium of Biomedical Engineering (ISBE 2016)
Volume 1816: Proceedings from the 13th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound
Volume 1815: Turkish Physical Society 32nd International Physics Congress (TPS32)
Volume 1814: Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Volume 1813: The 1st International Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science (ICMSC) 2016
Sustainability and Eco Green Innovation in Tropical Studies for Global Future
Volume 1812: Advanced Accelerator Concepts
17th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop
Volume 1811: Atomic Processes in Plasmas APiP 2016
Proceedings of the 18th and 19th International Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas
Volume 1810: Radiation Processes in the Atmosphere and Ocean (IRS2016)
Proceedings of the International Radiation Symposium (IRC/IAMAS)